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With meditative energy art, you can open the connection for your heart to communicate with your brain and body in beneficial ways. Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work ‘Becoming Supernatural – Common People doing the Uncommon’.

Find Your Balance.

Change Your Life.

Here’s a principle that rings true for me and it’s this: if you can’t explain your work in a sentence, you’re not clear about what you do.

It’s not because your job is so complicated you couldn’t possibly explain it, or that you’re doing so much you couldn’t possibly sum it up in just a few words. If you can’t condense the core of what you do into a single line that anybody could understand, you either are not clear about what you’re doing, or you feel insecure enough about it that you have to create complexity and mystery.

If being a force for good is your intention,  take steps to get clear.

Step:  Sit for five minutes at a table. Have a sheet of paper and two markers of any type. Practice deeply breathing, count to five in, rest and slow breath out.  Keep breathing, pick up the markers and doodle with each hand.  Doodle using both hands at the same time. Let your hand doodles mirror each other’s movement. (to Doodle – to draw as you daydream.  Yes, daydream!)

This doodling session is a warm up exercise that can help you to balance and align energy.  Dr. Lucia Capacchione, Ph.D., A.T.R. , pioneered these art therapy methods.

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