As a youngster, I enjoyed interviewing people, writing their stories, drawing images and publishing on my own mini-press.  To my delight, surprised friends would read their story and imagine themselves in a new light. Today, we can create and publish with ease over incredible media outlets.  Opportunities are everywhere!
Meditations for Peace’ is a practical guide for those wishing to bring more peace into their lives: peace of mind, peace in relationships and family life, peace in career and work environments, and peace within.

Column 1

'Yoga Meditations How To Harness The Power Of The Pose' delves into the root, origin, purpose and detoxifying benefits of many popular postures and some less practiced ones.
Fanny and The Do Gooders - The first in a series of children's tales for a healthy world.  It's  beautifully illustrated with elaborate digital art and told in rhythmic fashion to entertain readers of all ages.

 Audio Guide with Catherine Austin Fitts on Banking Locally

- Although recorded ten years ago, this audio seminar is a great introduction to the benefits of banking locally and the story of one woman's successful transition from a centralized to a local bank.