Everyone has a story. What’s your story?
Think about it for a moment.
Are you reliving an ‘old story’ that you don’t like?
How do you create a new story that’s really for you?
It’s hard to do with a lot of ‘static’ and worry on your mind.
You Can Start Where You Are, Right Here!
Meditations for Peace’ is a practical guide for  bringing in  more peace of mind, peace in relationships and family life, peace in career and work environments, and peace within

Have you experienced Yoga and the power of the pose?

 ‘Yoga Meditations How To Harness The Power Of The Pose’ delves into the root, origin, purpose and detoxifying benefits of many popular postures and some less practiced ones. 

Bedtime Stories can relax the spirit and develop meaningful bonds with family.

 Fanny and The Do Gooders – The first in a series of children’s tales for a healthy world.  It’s  richly illustrated with elaborate digital art and told in rhythmic fashion to entertain readers of all ages.