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Carlota Santa Cruz guides individuals and organizations to align passion, purpose and actions to thrive together.

Carlota Santa Cruz

During Silicon Valley's  'Dot.Com Boom', Carlota facilitated a broad array of workshops across the US: technical sales ,  marketing, and Steven Covey's 'Seven Habits'. She had the life changing opportunity to study with Steven Covey in Sundance.  
With the 'Bubble Bust' and disruptive seasons of mergers and acquisitions, Carlota headed Human Resources and provided much needed Transition Management.  Understanding that you cannot lead from behind, she took action with management and employee development sessions and incorporated the thinking of transformational leaders including: Peters and Waterman, Bridges,  Dyer and C.J. Jung.
She employed humor with "Who Moved My Cheese", Spencer Johnson and Kenneth Blanchard, and "Our Iceberg is Melting" by John Kotter.  Carlota promoted communication across age and cultural divides with 'Crucial Conversations' preparing individuals for challenging responsibilities. She introduced mind calming methods for her organization to focus and succeed during life changing times.

Dr Masaru Emoto, Carlota Santa Cruz, HADO Certification

The 49th Ajari and Carlota Santa Cruz

While completing Dr. Masaru Emoto's International HADO Instructor Certification, she encountered two great masters: the 49th Dai Ajari, Genshin Fujinami and Sotesu Mitsumura "Joshuku". Carlota took part in their Buddhist Meditation and the 'Kyuosaku' ritual for clearing the mind. These experiences furthered her understanding of our personal 'HADO' or vibration as we each participate in universal peaceful evolution.
Carlota met Dr Lucia Capacchione and immediately recognized the importance of her work. Dr Lucia Capacchione PhD pioneered expressive art methods,  giving a voice for emotions to develop creative potential in all areas of life. 
Carlota embarked upon the Creative Journal Expressive Arts path to further introduce this method within her own community and beyond.  She remains an enthusiastic 'Life Long Learner'.
Ms Santa Cruz studied Art, Photography, Education, Psychology, Science and Finance in California's Silicon Valley; and provided Technical and Organizational Development in Fortune 500 Corporations
Author, Artist, Coach
Carlota Santa Cruz, A.A, BA, M.A.