Welcome into worlds of art.  At times you’ll find abstract shapes to showcase nature’s wonders or avant-garde images to awake the imagination and at times ‘unique’ gem designs.

You’ll find influences of Georgia O’Keefe’s early works of near abstract natural forms; Dorothea Lange’s photographic artistry for humanizing the consequences of the Great Depression; Judith Ripka’s ornate jewelry designs; and the ancient world’s tales of semi precious stones for raising energy.   Life experiences come to the canvas with painting in acrylic

Wave – Artist Carlota Santa Cruz

and oil, digital photographic processes; and creating jewelry with semi-precious gems to uplift.

In recent years, my artwork has shown and received awards in Central Coast California exhibitions, and the Art Photography Collection ‘Exposure Award’, presented at the Louvre Museum in Paris.   You can find my artwork in the Studios on the Park, Paso Robles, CA.